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Product Sampling POS

Monitor performances of sampling sales and marketing campaign by streamlining work flow and data collection. It's features that allow users to keep track their sampling materials and provide marketing and sales insight includes:

  • Stock Management
  • Price Management and Competitors’ Price Alert
  • Promotion Material
  • Sales Data
  • In Depth Analysis Report

As a brand manager, you need to have a reporting system with easy-to-understand data analytics complete with charts for fast decision making process. View all your reporting in your mobile app if you are constantly on the go or in your desktop screen at the comfort of your office desk.


Save any kind of form entries to keeptrack form backend and retrieve it with ease using our admin portal. It is suitable for:

  • Contest Entries
  • Survey Answers
  • Event Registrations
  • Gift Redemption Registrations
  • Actually it can save any kind of form data

Designer / front end developer can now focus on what they are best at.

Why Choose Us?

Benefits of Keeptrak System

Real Time Data

Business intelligence and analysis report for quick decision making.


Focus on what you do best and leave the time consuming tasks to the system. Save up precious time and increase your overall performance.


We understand no shoe fits all hence we offer report and system customizations to suit your needs.

Secured Data Storage

All data collected are store in reputable data cloud server thus minimizing risk of down time and you can view it anytime and anywhere.